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There's always more room to heal.

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Experience the purest detox that you've ever had using my super easy to follow Simple Cleansing Guide!

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Detoxing Just Got Easier!



"Shemayah Clemons—also commonly known to her community as "Ancient Artery"—did not start out as the plant-based woman most people admire her to be. She definitely didn't always live the holistic lifestyle she advocates for today. She loved her chicken strips, strawberry milkshakes, and she absolutely never would've thought she would give up the comforting foods and habits she's abandoned to be where she is presently. Yet, after undergoing one too many traumatic health experiences in the hospital, she began to view her declining health as a challenge to invest in her healing and lead by example for the community. Now, she stands as a holistic wellness consultant, and CEO of an upcoming business that reminds people of the importance of their Own Self Care LLC.

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Are You Ready To Heal?

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Cassie, Self-Care Coach

Preona, Teacher

"This cleanse will REALLY clean all that SH** out of you. Like I seriously was looking in my toilet like, "Where was this when I was a teenager or early 20s." I was amazed and can't wait to do again. Honestly, doing this held me accountable (though I eat crazy healthy) especially for my cheat snacks/meal."

"This cleanse is THE TRUTH! I’d been having stomach issues for a while and i decided to take this cleanse and IT GOT RID OF EVERYTHING. But what I love about it the most, is that my stomach hasn’t been hurting ever since. I feel lighter and I have more energy. I also loved the food recommendations to help you as you make this transition! I feel good and I look good! I’ll definitely be purchasing it again! I’m thinking of doing this every 6 months! I would recommend this herbal cleanse to anyone who’s ready to take care of their body FOR REAL!"


Kusudi, Mindset Coach

"Shem is an amazing facilitator of health transformation. I’ve had skin problems for the last 10 yrs, that went away in 3 weeks of her guidance. Forever grateful and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take their health to the next level"

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