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"Shemayah Clemons—also commonly known to her community as "Ancient Artery"—did not start out as the plant-based woman most people admire her to be, and she definitely didn't always live the holistic lifestyle she advocates for today. She loved her chicken strips and milkshakes, and she absolutely never second-guessed taking pharmaceutical drugs to find relief from her pain and health complications. Yet, after much appreciated traumatic health experiences, she began to view her declining health as a challenge to lead by example.


It wasn't until her sophomore year in college that she became entirely fed up with the hospital visits, cancelled plans, unsympathetic college professors, unanswered health questions, and endless prescriptions. Shemayah took a stand for her future by leaving her weaker self in the past, to be reborn a new and stronger woman; however, not without learning from her mistakes.


Being sick inspired intense self-reflection, and caused her to take a deeper look at what the problem could possibly be. With the help of a family friend named Derah, an iridologist—someone who studies the iris of the eye—she learned about the importance of cleansing the body and changing the diet.


With this knowledge as foundation, she was able to build from this and gain answers from questioning other contributing factors in her health. For example, she examined the food we eat, why its the most available, the herbs that are commonly promoted, and more. As she let her curiosity flow, she began walking down the new path God lit for her, scratching the surface of her destiny as a conduit. She explored more into the teachings of the great Dr. Sebi and his perspective on healing.


By applying his knowledge on the impact of acidic man-made substances vs. alkaline herbs/foods, Shemayah was gifted a new opportunity to expand her healing and find overdue peace through knowledge of self and nature. Amidst continuously learning this ancient, but very new information, she stepped into her niche of translating this vital nutrients to the people—just as a main artery would. Finally, this was the beginning of Ancient Artery, the Alkaline Healing Enthusiast and the Holistic Lifestyle Specialist rooting for you today!

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