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So, why would I want to try being plant-based after experiencing an alkaline diet and its benefits?

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I'll give you a hint before we dive into the has everything to do with BALANCE.

"Alkaline" is quoted to reference Dr.Sebi's alkaline food list, not the internets idea of alkaline food
"Alkaline" is quoted to reference Dr.Sebi's alkaline food list, not the internet's idea of alkaline food.

Let me start by painting an image in your head that some women may already recognize all too well.

Imagine a life with unexpected pause buttons that you didn't approve. Imagine that these pause buttons momentarily took you away from your current endeavors and to a place of suffering, agony, and pain.

Well audience, this life was my own when my menstrual cycle was due. My life was put on pause every time my period rolled around, and at a moment in my life where my time and presence was extremely important—my college days—it robbed me of multiple opportunities. If you know my story, which you can learn about on youtube here or on my first IGTV here via instagram, you may already be aware that these unwarranted pauses on my life drove me toward living a more holistic life. Now I know it may sound a little selfish to use the word 'pause' in regards to my life because despite all the pain and suffering those times brought, I was still breathing; however, I use the word 'pause' because during those moments, I didn't feel alive. I felt as if I was dead, dreading my next breath, and regretting being a woman. It was at that time in my life where I questioned the perks and purpose of being a woman, which no woman should ever feel the need to. One of my biggest driving factors in changing my diet and overall life around, was my agonizing menstrual health. I hated that my unexpected period could snipe me out at any given time. And so, I sought the holistic route to my healing goals, and found myself in an alkaline diet, cleansing my body, and fasting from toxic foods.

Now you know a little about my motivation to becoming alkaline, so its only right to explain why I would settle for an overall inclusive plant-based diet after experiencing the wonders of an alkaline diet. Its also important to note that an alkaline diet is a plant-based diet, but it excludes hybrid, GMO, and unnatural foods that aren't essentially naturally growing in nature without the help of man. First, being on an alkaline diet is the best thing that has ever happened to me—I use the word 'is' because I still eat majority alkaline foods. I've healed so much ever since transitioning to consuming more nutrient-dense alkaline foods, and fasting from overly-toxic acidic foods like meat, dairy, sugar, starch, junk food, etc. For a little overview, I've been strictly alkaline since 2020, and transitioning since 2019. I decided to alternate between an alkaline and plant-based diet after I was unexpectedly met with another period pause on my life (no pun intended hehe)! I know right, how did this happen again if I was on the ultimate alkaline diet :(

In September of 2021 I had one of the worst periods I've experienced in a while since being alkaline and changing my life around, and this scared me senseless. I slipped into a depressive state and began to second-guess my progress.

I couldn't have myself thinking that all the work I've accomplished was absolutely meaningless, so back to the drawing board I went. I decided that if it were still possible to experience the same excruciating pain while being alkaline, then I shouldn't be so strict on myself to only consume alkaline foods. This is the beginning of me actually realizing that balance is far more important than I imagined it to be and diet—although the root foundation for good health—can only take you so far. Long story short, I started eating foods that I've abstained from for years such as lentils, potatoes, spinach, and other foods. I used to think these foods were the devil and would undo all the healing I've done, but little did I know that healing cannot be done without experiencing new things. I knew that if I was going to be eating non-alkaline plant-based foods then I had to counteract the risks by doing more of what's good for me, which Sebi always mentioned. This looked like changing my herbal supplement regimen, my detoxing routine, and focusing more heavily on my womb health with certain practices and methods like ovarian breathing, yoni steaming, yoni massages, vaginal detoxes, and more. And after implementing these changes, I knew that my next periods would be the only way to analyze the impact. Was it going to be another horrific period? Is it going to be worse than my previous period? These questions floated in mind, but one thing I can honestly say I've noticed from eating more plant-based and broadening my palate, is that being more lenient and less strict on myself helps me stay in the present moment with less worry or regret. Nonetheless, my cycle arrived and it was far more tolerable, so I became consistent with modifying my diet and adding more impactful practices in my lifestyle outside of just diet. And now today, I don't give my period the power to pause my life as it once did before. I am more in control, all because I now prioritize BALANCE over perfection!

So, do you still eat alkaline foods?

Of course I still eat majority alkaline foods because I know I'll get the most digestible nutrition from these foods. Alkaline foods have a high content of anti-oxidants and minerals that are essential to our natural detoxification, healing, and restoration, and I'd be damned if I missed out on that! Food should be used as a tool for healing before a means of entertainment. My diet consist of majority fruits in the form of smoothies, raw fruit bowls, fruit powders, whole and dried fruits. In fact, I don't eat ANYTHING non-alkaline until I start my day with alkaline fruit because my digestive system deserves fiber and real nutrients for always putting in work. Its also imperative to mention that I do not feel the need to eat so much in day, because I'm so particular about what I eat when I'm hungry, my appetite is satisfied by my meal choices (fruits, salads, nuts, or grain bowls). I become a little more lenient with my diet on certain occasions, like family events or outings, but besides that I'm always on my alkaline tip. Don't think I'd derail too far away from the diet and lifestyle that has brought me the most healing I've ever experienced... I know my roots!

"How do I achieve this balance for myself?"

If you're genuinely interested in finding a balance in your life that allows you to eat the foods you love while still promoting healing within, then you may want to start by being patient with yourself. The biggest lesson to learn is to be humble, because I was under the impression that I had it all figured out, but there's still so much to experience and discover for yourself. Being alkaline for a year helped me realize how much my body is capable of doing. While alkaline I healed beyond doctor's diagnosis and overcame an abundance of obstacles that kept me stagnant for years! Once I was able to commit to an alkaline diet, I was able to control what I put in my mouth, and therefore I could more easily filter what I allow in my mind. Being alkaline gave me the discipline, knowledge, and experience I needed to manage an overall plant-based lifestyle; now that I am consuming more non-alkaline plant-based foods I get a chance to test what I've learned if I ever need to rid waste, restore my body, and maintain my balance. If you want my one-on-one guidance in creating this balance for you, feel free to book a consultation with me on my website, and we will work together on cultivating your inner-healer.

"What are the most healing alkaline foods?"

Below is a list of foods from Dr. Sebi's nutritional guide extracted from page 6 of my good friends' alkaline cooking eBook, An Alkaline Vegan Cookbook for Beginners. They have tons of recipes that make alkaline and plant-based cooking fun and super delicious. You can purchase their eBooks here and don't be afraid to check out some of their other digital products!

Well if you made it this far, thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this blog and

I affirm you will find peace and balance on your healing journey!

Love & Light

-Ancient Artery

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