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So, what does it really mean to be "alkaline vegan" ?

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Spoiler alert: Its not just a diet ...

You may or may not have heard of the term "alkaline" vegan, but regardless of this, then its best you know the difference from being an "alkaline" vegan, and a regular vegan. Most people who've heard of alkaline vegans are usually familiar with Dr. Sebi, born Alfredo Bowman. If you don't know who this man is, you probably still believe the consumption of meat has nothing to do with the formation of disease. All jokes aside, I'll do my best to try and sum up his legacy in a few sentences: Dr. Sebi is a legendary conduit, whose healing work still has an impact today. Like many of us, Sebi sought healing and relief from his own draining health conditions; however, while on this quest for answers, he gained knowledge that would enlighten communities all over the world. This knowledge was the key to curing many of the "irreversible" diseases we still suffer from today. Being that Dr. Sebi was actually able to use this knowledge to reverse and cure diseases like HIV, cancer, herpes, diabetes, etc. in countless people, he eventually attracted legal heat for claiming to do such seemingly impossible things. This legal heat led to Dr. Sebi being the 2,782nd Supreme Court case that was tried for fraudulent medical claims; however, unlike the other 2,781, he actually WON. Sebi was able to prove—with the help of his 77 patient witnesses —that these diseases were curable with an alkaline healing approach.

I know right, 77? That man was BAAAAADASSS!

So you may be asking "what is this alkaline healing approach?"...This approach is nothing more than the perspective that separates alkaline vegans and vegans. Dr. Sebi understood the body to be the alkaline creation it actually is, and he viewed dis-ease as a lack of the essential minerals that made the body alkaline to begin with. The further the body gets from its natural alkaline state, the more acidic the body becomes, and the more dis-eased we become. Dr. Sebi acknowledged this as the "African Bio-Mineral Balance", reinforcing that sickness is just a result of an imbalance of minerals. Now that you're all caught up, lets talk about the things that essentially make alkaline vegans different from vegans.

Well, while Sebi was alive, one of the most appreciated gifts he left behind was the list of recommended foods he curated to guide people in cleaner eating. This list is commonly known as the "Dr. Sebi approved foods" list. This list is predominately composed of raw alkaline foods that mother nature made herself, without the help of man or a lab. In other words, this food list excludes any man-made fruits, veggies, or grains, as they're known to cause mineral deficiencies, allergies, digestive issues, and other issues over time. Of course, this list doesn't include any animal products like meat or dairy, because those things are proven to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing) and detrimental to the human body. As people used this food list as a guide, sticking only to the foods Sebi recommended, it became a lifestyle for many, helping countless people restore their bodies from multiple ailments. This is how the term "alkaline" vegan developed, as it differs from the typical vegan regimen that just opposes the consumption of meat or any foods that are a result of animal slaughter or cruelty.

Essentially, the biggest difference between the two is that one (alkaline vegan) regimen promotes healing and is created with the purpose of restoring the body's natural alkalinity, while the other (vegan) is primarily concerned with preserving animal lives by eating more plant-based foods. Now, I don't have anything against vegans and I think its a pretty honorable thing to change your lifestyle in respect to the circle of life. Unfortunately, the only overlooked issue with this diet is the fact that some plant-based foods can still cause health complications for humans. Many vegans are doing animals a favor by not eating them, but they're also disfavoring themselves by overindulging in hybrid or starchy vegetables, grains, and nuts like rice, corn, peanuts, cashews, tofu, etc. These foods cause allergies, disrupt gut health, and cause the body to produce excess mucus—which prevents the entry of nutrients to the cells. Not to mention, the "plant-based" food movement that has unknowingly convinced people that food labeled as 'plant-based' can't contain harmful ingredients and produce sickly side effects.

The purpose of this article is to clarify the difference between both forms of veganism. This article is not in any way meant to discredit people from becoming or being vegan. I wholeheartedly believe its a HUGE step from our typical meat-eating ways of life. Even the non-vegans know how hard it is to give up meat. My goal is to enlighten and encourage my community to consume more alkalizing plant-based foods that restores their body just as much as satisfies their cravings! As a woman who is alkaline vegan herself, and became such by seeking healing from my own chronic health conditions, I've found much healing and peace in transitioning to this lifestyle. Therefore, I owe Dr. Sebi my life, and I repay him and his work by being a conduit of holistic health knowledge. I wouldn't speak on these things if I didn't have my own experience to back me up, so I hope you understand that I offer this knowledge as an opportunity for you to become enlightened. And please don't just take my word for it, do more research! Theres plenty in-depth videos on Sebi's knowledge and work via YouTube. Whether or not you receive this information with open arms, my goal is let you know that you are NEVER stuck and its NEVER too late. No matter what you are going through with your health, there is always a way to heal and reverse your dis-ease, as our great brother Dr. Sebi has taught and shown us!

Copy of Dr. Sebi's original food list:

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