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Super Charge Your Smoothie Easily!

Updated: Jan 4

Mineral deficiencies suck and there's no reason you shouldn't be looking forward to making your own smoothies! Learn how to pack extra nutrients and flavor in your daily smoothie for added benefits and nutrients to balance your health and taste buds!

Let's talk smoothie ingredients 🥑🍓🍊🥥🍒

If we're keeping it real everybody is throwing everything into a smoothie nowadays! Some people enjoy greens like kale or spinach in a smoothie, while others are throwing in nuts and seeds for added benefits. No shade to those folks! To each is own y'all, but I would like to share with you some super easy and accessible ways you can supercharge your smoothie while keeping it 100% fruit-based for easier digestion—especially if you're prone to gut issues.

Side note: that may be a sign of poor digestive/gut health so don't forget to check out that famous Cleanse & Tonic Combo that's got the whole world feeling fresh and light weight ;)

Without further ado, let's get into what you can do to make sure your smoothie is providing you with extra nutrients for the road! Trust me, if you do this right, your smoothie will be the ultimate breakfast, and you might even want another for lunch—and dessert but we'll let you see for yourself.

Tip #1 - Add At Least 3-4 Dates 😋

DO NOT underestimate or judge this little fruit by it's cover! This is the #1 tip because dates are basically the gift of fruits that just keeps on giving. I mean adding dates to your smoothie will literally make every sip an even more pleasurable experience... trust me you'll be sad to see your smoothie go :(

Dates bring LIFE and are also a symbol of prosperity and fertility...pretty "fruitful" huh?

Here are some brief date benefits:

  • rich in plant-based iron (digestible and combats constipation instead of causing it)

  • active against parasites

  • great for restoring gut health

  • improves brain function and mental clarity

  • rich in antioxidants (fights against cancer)

  • keeps the skin healthy and elastic

  • rich in magnesium

  • regulates bowel movements

  • improves liver function

  • combats sugar cravings

  • improves sexual health

Want to know more? Research for yourself or read more here !

Pro Tip: Buy them whole instead of pitted because the seed inside keeps them more moist! Additionally, you can skip storing them on outside the fridge! Countertops are just fine for whole dates. Keep them in their original packaging and remove the pit(seed) before adding them to your smoothie for a more chewy and easy blend. Be sure to check for mold when removing the pit, some batches may not be as fresh as others. Lastly, 3-4 dates in a smoothie is recommended because it not only addresses low blood iron/hemoglobin levels at this amount, but it also increases the natural sweetness of the smoothie and offers your body more nutrients. You can also use date syrup or agave as a natural sweetener, however it's best to consume the whole date itself because you'll get the unprocessed fiber, minerals and the sweetness...BOOM!

Tip #2 - Add Avocado 🥑

You might be one of those people that are thinking "WHAAT?"! And if you're this person you're probably saying this because you're either an avocado hater or because you didn't know avocado was a fruit 😧 Well, newsflash for you pal, it's definitely a fruit and it's ABUNDANT in healthy fats, minerals, and omegas that your body will not only love, but that your tongue might not even taste because it's quite bland in a smoothie! HOWWWEVERRR,

when you pair it with the dates like I told you, you'll get an extra creamy and sweet smoothie. Can never go wrong with sweet and creamy!

Avocado Benefits:

  • helps gain healthy weight for petite/slimmer individuals

  • also promotes weight loss for those who want to lose weight

  • satisfies the appetite and regulates the thyroid (hormonal gland)

  • great for heart/cardiovascular health

  • fights against cancer cell growth

  • rich in hair and skin healthy vitamins (K,E, B)

  • dense in fiber

  • regulates digestive health

  • supports the central nervous system and boosts mood

Pro Tip: Start off by trying half and avocado in your smoothie and see how you enjoy or dislike the taste! If you don't enjoy the taste of avocado in your smoothie, try it with the dates before giving up on it! The dates really balance out the flavor!

Tip #3 - Add Sea Moss Gel Or Powder 🌊

(literally had to extract this picture from Vital Vegan Inc because all internet pictures that came up for sea moss were pictures of fake pool-grown sea moss *sighs in disappointment*)

This tip may seem to be a little burnt out since sea moss has become a superfood sensation over the pandemic, but that doesn't mean it can't still serve a purpose in your smoothie when purchased from a genuine vendor. You can't just go around trusting everybody's sea moss y'all! It's best to know where its harvested and whose harvesting. This is why Vital Vegan Inc. is one of the few businesses and brands that I can wholeheartedly stand behind! This business specializes in wild-crafting whole herbs, sea moss, and other sea vegetables for community consumption and healing. Check out their sea moss gels, sea moss supplements (which you can bust open in your smoothies if you aren't a fan of capsules), and whole dried sea moss! I know the difference between sea moss that just smells bad and has little to nothing to offer you, and sea moss that smells bad but is also healing and nourishing you.

Pro Tip: No matter what way you get sea moss into your smoothies—powder or gel—just be sure to add those DATES! I am extra serious with this pro tip, because sea moss can take your smoothie from fruity and fresh to funky and hard to stomach LOL 😂 ! Personally, I prefer to take the sea moss supplements for my daily source of extra minerals because I enjoy having my smoothie taste like pure blessings! To each is own. See what you like, and test the waters (hahaha no pun intended).

Sea Moss Benefits:

  • restores gut lining with mucilaginous power

  • anti Inflammatory

  • super rich in vitamins and minerals

  • address intestinal issues

  • supports joints and skin health

  • dissolves phlegm and mucus

  • boosts the immune system

  • aids in repairing teeth and bones

Tip #4 - Add Extra Berries 🍓

Let's be for real here, berries belong in smoothies! The more berries the more alkalizing your smoothie will be! They're supercharging to your smoothie because they're hydrating, dense in minerals, and dense in antioxidants. Your body will thank you for adding more berries to your smoothies. They can be frozen or fresh strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, or even dried goji berries!

Pro Tip: Adding extra strawberries makes the smoothie more watery and hydrating because of their high water content. Adding extra raspberries and blackberries makes the smoothie more tangy and sour, and adding extra blueberries makes the smoothie more sweet (but not without the blue skins left on your teeth after you finish so make sure you check your teeth in the mirror before you go smiling in peoples faces lol)

Tip #5 - Use A Hydrating Base 💦

Last but not least, simplify your base from time to time! All the apple juices, mango juices, pineapple juices, and other fruit juices are cool and all, but sometimes it pays to just keep it casual—especially after a hangover! Using plain ole' spring water or coconut water as the base for your smoothie is extremely HYDRATING 💦These bases help detox the body even further, and help cleanse the urinary tract (the way a good smoothie will send you to pee is craaazy but beneficial). What more could you possibly ask for from a smoothie—although there are plenty more benefits that I didn't mention because my hands are cramping up from typing ;)

Bonus Tip - Get The Right Blender 🥤!


Y'all thought I was done giving game huh? SIKE! This bonus tip is super important to you upping the score on your smoothie game. Your blender is what brings all these amazing ingredients together so that you have a nice cup of composed and cohesive goodness...If you're smoothie isn't blended properly then you'll be drinking a choppy smoothie that you'll probably set down somewhere and forget all about 😑...SAD! You need a high power blender that's going to take every single one of your ingredients, introduce them to each other, take them on dates—I'm on a roll here guys— get them feeling one another, and eventually take them to the next level. Basically, your blender needs to a license to marry like an efficient.

This 1200 Watt motor blender is from Ninja and the proof is in the smoothie. All my smoothies turn out AMAZING! I own this blender myself—in the 24oz model— and I've been using Ninja appliances for years. Click the picture below and get it from Amazon for $76.99 ✨

Well, There You Have It Folks! 5 Tips (plus 1) For A Power Packing Smoothie 😌 Don't Forget To Love This Blog And Send It To Somebody Who Could Strengthen Their Smoothie Game 🍒🍓🍌🍑🥥!

Go ahead and leave me a comment! Tell me what's your favorite ingredients to make your smoothie more nutritious and delicious! Don't be shy, we love to hear your smoothie stories!

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