Feeling like you need a fresh start with your health? This Cleanse & Tonic is one the BEST and EFFICIENT ways to reset and achieve the healing you've been longing for. Our bodies often communicate with us via signals that we rarely pay attention to (i.e acne, constipation, menstrual pain, frequent BV, gut issues, etc.). These signals each hint at different things that we need to work on within, but overall they point to one common thing: YOU NEED TO CLEANSE. Cleansing the body is a great way to promote balance and address your health issues interally at the root. Our Cleanse & Tonic is not just like any ole' detox, its an OPPORTUNITY to heal and set the bar higher for your health. Get your energy back already! What are you waiting for? You could be one drink away from healthier living! Feel free to read more information on instructions, usage, and benefits below! And check out our reviews down there while you're at it ;)


Benefits may include: a vital energy boost, mucus removal from the uterus/prostate, relieves intestinal inflammation, lowers blood sugar, reduces excess water and waste in the body, builds the blood, attacks parasites and excess candida, and MORE!


*This set comes with both cleanse and tonic*
*Pauls Unique Choice" is the original creator of these products. I do not own any rights to this product, I am merely a distributor of the product*

Cleanse & Tonic Combo

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