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My Healing Essentials


Hydrapeak Water Bottle

Making sure that I'm drinking enough clean spring water is really important to me, so my stainless steel water bottle helps ensure that I get an adequate amount of quality water everyday! Dehydration is a NO NO.



My Top Books For Healing

Surrendering to and studying the ancient knowledge that come from the plants and the elders before us is beyond educating, its humbling. Alongside my own personal experience, all that I've learned from reading has made me the knowledgable woman I am today.



Quality Nature-Made Herbs 

Herbs have and still today healed me in so many ways, so including them in my everyday life—from cooking to supplements— has shown me just how much easier my life can be with their guidance and nutrients!

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Plants from Mama Nature

"Plant-based" means more to me than just food, it means tools gifted to us by Mama Nature herself. Not just tools for survival, but tools created to actually make us feel ALIVE! Going plant-based has revealed to me that healing is possible and achievable.

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To Learn More About My Take On Plant-Based Diets, See My Blog!

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